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Our Instructors

Our Instructors are experienced veterans of the industry with real

world ring time and wins under their belts.

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Alexandra competed in boxing at a high level from the age of 18 to 24. She took 2 years off during that time to take care of her now 7 year old daughter. She has 25 fights under her belt.  Alexandra was a 2x Provincial Champion,  2x Western Canadian Champion, Silver Medalist at the Canadian National Championships and attended the Olympic Trials in Montreal. She was also was awarded "Best Elite Female Boxer". 

Alexandra believes boxing can benefit anyone no matter their fitness level, their age or gender. Boxing has helped shape and mould her life and for that she will always be dedicated and passionate for the sport of boxing.

As a trainer, Alexandra strives to achieve your fitness goals, while maintaining a fun energetic environment, keeping you motivated, uplifted and empowered while learning the sweet science of boxing!

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Anthony Varela - Boxing Coach

Anthony started boxing 14 years ago and it has since been one of his biggest passions. Among many aspects, he admires the mental strength and dedication it takes to be a successful competitor in the sport. He explains how it can teach people discipline, respect, and to stand strong in the face of fears, challenges, and hard work.

Anthony attributes boxing to a lot of his success and credits the sport for a large part in building his character. In his words, “Boxing has always given such a positive direction to my life. It motivates me to eat healthy, to train rather than party, and makes me a stronger person both physically and mentally.” Anthony believes the sport can be a life changer or even a life saver for others, “It gave me a reason to want to better myself, no matter the cost.”

Anthony is still actively competing in boxing as a member of Team BC and recently received a bronze medal in the National Championships against the best boxers in Canada.

Outside of boxing, Anthony has achieved a double major Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and sociology from the University of Victoria and has worked for 4 years at a day program supporting adults with disabilities.

Anthony has a passion for working with people and feels rewarded helping others in any way he can. He loves to coach boxing for multiple reasons, “not only do I love explaining the techniques and body mechanics, I also love passing on the knowledge of health and athleticism that I have gained over the years, giving people more tools to better their lives.” He believes that anyone can benefit and improve their quality of life from learning and practicing this sport.

Whether you are looking to simply have fun burning calories and getting in shape, want to learn the basics of the sport, hoping to step in to the ring for your first time, or are a seasoned boxer looking for new advice on sharpening your skills, Anthony would enjoy working with you. He works with all skill levels and tailors his coaching to individual goals, needs, and desires.

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Jason Heit - Owner/coach

Jason Heit was born with a boxing bloodline. Family members Tony LaBarbara and Tony Ventura were successful professional fighters based out of his hometown Buffalo, New York. Jason moved to Victoria in 1988. His first competition was in the 1990 Island Tough Man contest which he won at 17 years old by knocking out 3 men in one night. After winning the contest he began competing in amateur boxing.

Jason quickly tore through the Canadian amateur ranks winning Bronze Gloves, Silver Gloves, Golden Gloves, The Diamond Belt, BC Provincial light-heavyweight title and the Canadian light-heavyweight title by knocking out all his opponents in the 1995 Provincial and Canadian Nationals. He then went on to represent Canada in the 1995 Pan-American Games and the 1996 AIBA Multi-Nation International Olympic qualification tournament earning an Olympic Birth for Canada.

In 1999 he moved back to Los Angeles to start his pro boxing career training at Freddie Roaches famed Wild Card Boxing gym.

In 2007 Jason moved back to Victoria to achieve his goal of opening his gym and pass on his knowledge of Martial Arts.

"Martial Arts have brought incredible experiences, people and lessons into my life. It is my passion and I hope to open this door to others to share my knowledge of this wonderful art. I have now retired from competition and have moved into my role as a trainer." - Jason Heit

Jason has a combined Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA ring record of 42 wins, 5 losses and 34 knockouts.